Damsel by Elana K. Arnold Review

Fearless Prince Emory must defeat a dragon and rescue the damsel to be crowned the King. This has been tradition for generations. Prince Emory ventures into the “Grey Lands” to conquer the dragon and save the damsel. Ama, the damsel, awakes in the arms of her rescuer, Prince Emory. However, Ama doesn’t remember who she is, what happened, or where she has come from. She must now journey to the land of Harding with the man that just saved her. She only knows that she was a damsel, her name is now Ama, and the stories Prince Emory tells of her rescue and of life in Harding. Once Ama arrives at the palace, she realizes that not all is as it seems. The threats in her life are not the ones she left, but the ones that are before her within the walls of the castle.
For me, this book moved slowly. I didn’t feel that the plot was very driving and my motivation to continue reading was really low. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it ended; however, I was curious how the author was going to wrap the story up. Another aspect of Damsel I didn’t care for was that it had a huge focus on Ama’s pet, Sorrow, the entire book. I really felt like I was reading a story more about the pet than Ama herself. In my opinion, the characters weren’t really flushed out very well and there wasn’t much depth to them. I would have really liked to of seen the book focus more on Ama and her relationship with Emory, not Ama and her pet.
An aspect I really enjoyed about the book was the surprising twist at the end of the story. With what is revealed, I think the author did a great job saving it for last. I also enjoyed Ama as a character, I just wish she had a little more to her. However, she did show growth and I liked that.
Overall, this book didn’t really do it for me. The cover is absolutely beautiful and to be honest that’s why I picked it up. The story sounded great too, but I was really banking on the story to live up to the amazing cover art. I truly am disappointed that I didn’t enjoy this story more.

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