Finale by Stephanie Garber Review

The last Caraval was only two short months ago. It’s also been two months since the Fates have been freed from an enchanted Deck of Destiny. Tell hasn’t seen Legend, well not in person. Legend has claimed the throne to the empire. Preparations have begun for the coronation. During this time, the Fates are starting to wake up. Unbeknown to Tell and Scarlett, their mother’s past affects the future more severely than they thought. And now, with the Fate present, havoc is on the rise. Can Tella and Scarlett save the empire from total destruction or will the Fate rule all? This is more than just a game.
This is the final installment of Caraval. The books do need to be read in order (Caraval, Legendary, Finale). I received an eARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Finale from Flatiron Books via NetGalley.
The book definitely held up to the previous part of this story. I loved how Finale focused on the true meaning of loving someone. It was a strong theme from the beginning and was present throughout. There were definitely some surprises that I was not expecting. I didn’t find the book super predictable, which was really great since this was a final book to a trilogy. Stephanie Garber did a great job closing out the story. Garber used great description throughout and crafted believable characters. I gave Finale five stars on Goodreads and I will definitely be purchasing a hard copy for my collection.
I don’t really have any negative remarks for Finale. I don’t understand why Mr. d’Arcy was thrown in, but it didn’t bother me too much. Something I would have liked to have seen more of would be the presences of more Fates. The Fates really intrigued me and I was a little disappointed that the book didn’t put as much focus on them as I would have liked. The ending felt a little rushed, but it had to end at some point, right? These things, however, did not taint my overall reading experience.
I loved this book. The characters were well crafted. The story’s pace was really nice overall and really pulled me along. There weren’t any really slow parts that drug on forever. I was definitely sucked back into the world Garber created with Caraval. I enjoyed Scarlett’s character so much more in this book. To see her breaking rules and being the strong character I wanted her to be was awesome. She has really grown since Caraval. I enjoyed the theme of this book, it really reminded me of what it truly means to love someone.
I recommend this book to everyone! There is love, loss, heartache, adventure, risk, and magic. If you haven’t read Caraval or Legendary, please do! You won’t be disappointed. Finale was such a great ending to such an amazing story. I can’t wait to see what Stephanie Garber come out with next.
“Love is messy. It’s not easily controlled. But that’s what makes it so powerful. It’s unbridled passion. It’s caring about someone else’s life more than you care about your own.” -Stephanie Garber, Finale

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