One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake Review

The fight for survival and the crown has begun. The three sisters all have surprises up their sleeves. Katherine is no longer the weak one, Arsinoe has an untold secret that can be used to her advantage, and Mirabella faces more attacks than expected putting those she cares for at terrible risk. The three queens must now confront one another and try to take the crown, not matter the cost. Please note that this is the second book in Kendare Blake’s Three Dark Crowns series. If you have not read Three Dark Crowns, you must do so before reading One Dark Throne. I aim to keep my review spoiler-free; however, some details are hard to keep out.
I enjoyed One Dark Throne; however, not as much as I did Three Dark Crowns. I think it was still an amazing book though. The stories of Katherine, Mirabella, and Arsinoe eventually combine this this installment. I liked how I got to know the characters more in this book and was able to make concrete decisions about who I really cared for and rooted for versus the characters that are just “okay.” The book stayed consistent with the first and I didn’t think that I took too much of a side step. There are a couple of twists that I did not suspect, which made me really happy. I still devoured this book in a weekend, bu found myself getting bored in some parts.
I was a little disappointed that the action wasn’t what I was anticipating. I was really expecting more blood and more of a fight from all three queens. This book didn’t really grab me as quickly as the first one did, which I found a little disappointing. I was really looking forward to reading some rage, furry, and darkness, but it did not deliver in that area. I found Katherine’s change to be drastic, and rightfully so, but I don’t think her entire personality should have changed. Arsinoe became weak and timid and I guess it’s okay that her and Mirabella “clicked,” but that’s not what I came here for! Also, Joseph really drove me bonkers in this book. I feel like his character is just there to be there.
Although the darkness of the queens still wasn’t developed and I felt that Katherine made too much of a change, I still ended up falling in love with Katherine. Katherine is by far my favorite queen. I honestly think that’s because she’s the only one who wants a fight and has a drive to win the crown. I love that Blake gave her a backbone and a greater sense of purpose. Katherine is taking charge in this book, it’s great to see. The pacing of One Dark Throne was okay, not as great as Three Dark Crowns, but still quick enough to where the story didn’t get lost. I am excited to see how Arsinoe and Mirabella play a role in book three. Jules went from being annoying to actually having more of a purpose in the story. Although she isn’t one of my favorites, she is still a strong character and her drive and determination will make for a great story in the third book.

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