One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus Review

Five teens in detention, one dead, four suspects. Meet Simon, the school gossip and generally annoying fixture in everyone’s social circles. Then there’s Addy, the beautiful girl with the boyfriend any girl would kill for. Cooper, the schools talented baseball player who is destined to make it to the big leagues. Nate, the bad boy who is always in trouble, even with the law. And finally Bronwyn, one of the school’s smartest teenage minds who is destined for Yale. Pretty Little Liars meets The Breakfast Club is One Of Us Is Lying. When a classmate dies, the other four become the focus of a murder investigation. Everyone has a secret they want to keep hidden, everyone looks suspicious. Who is to blame for the murder? Everyone has something to lose.
This book would have been better for me if there was a little more mystery. I found the plot to be a little predictable, but not so much that I lost interest. In my opinion, the author should have tweaked a couple of elements to make the mystery more believable and harder to solve. I understand this was a YA novel; however, books like A Study in Charlotte are great examples of murder mysteries that keep me on my toes at all times.
An aspect I really enjoyed about One Of Us Is Lying was the characters. Although they could have been more developed, I found them believable. The author did a great job writing teenagers that come from different backgrounds. Each main character was different and no two were the same. Each had their own life with their own, unique problems. Big thumbs up for writing five different teenage personalities and weaving them together to make the story.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it if someone is looking for a light mystery. I like how this story did not give me nightmares, as most murder mysteries do. I will most likely pick up Two Can Keep a Secret since I enjoyed One Of Us Is Lying.

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