Our Dark Stars by Audrey Grey and Krystal Wade Review

Born into a powerful dynasty, Talia Starchaser must do what she needs to for the alliance. One day, Talia takes it too far, and the consequences of her actions leave the human race in shambles.
Captain Will Perrault is out of luck and stuck with a junker crew. trying to regain his high rank in the Queen's fleet, Will thinks he has found what it will take to put him back on top. Little does Will know that what he found is for more than an expensive piece of junk.
Where to start. Definitely a slow burn for the first 50 pages, but it really set the stage for the rest of the story. Our Dark Stars is will written, especially for having two authors. I usually shy away from books that are written by more than one author. Sci-fy isn't a genre I generally read, but this book was really engaging and has made me want to seek others in this genre. There were a couple of places that were slow, but the over-all reading reading experience was great.
There really isn't anything that stuck-out that would be a "con." There is some offensive language, but nothing beyond that. I felt that Talia was a little late catching on and not very observant. I also got annoyed that she kept thinking someone was going to save her.  Talia was trying to be the the strong female character I wanted her to be, but that was only in order to get someone to save her. I would have preferred a stronger female lead; however, with that being said, she grew a considerable amount and by the end she was the strong character I wanted.
I will definitely be buying this book on release day! There was adventure, action, high stakes, and believable conflict. The fact that the setting is more than 1,000 years in the future and Earth is nothing more than an ancient memory, did not take away from the believability of the story. I loved how it wasn't really far fetched like some other sci-fi novels. I would definitely recommend this book if you're wanting to expand your reading and try sci-fi and I would also recommend Our Dark Stars to those who already enjoy this genre.

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