Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Review

Claire Randall, a World War II nurse, and her husband Frank are in Scotland. One morning they visit the circle of stones and witness a ritual done by a group of women. The next morning, Claire goes back the the stone circle to collect some flowers, when suddenly she hears screaming. Due to the loud, shocking sound, Claire faints. When she wakes up, she is caught in the midst of a chase. It doesn’t take long to discover that she is no longer in the year 1945.
Enter Jamie Fraser. Big, red-headed, and Scottish. It is barely love at first sight for Claire and Jamie. Over time, the two develop a connection, but with Frank is in Claire’s mind, does Jamie have a chance?
To be honest, I really did not enjoy Outlander. I found it to be too long and it reminded me more of “same stuff, different day.” I found events repetitive and the storyline stagnant. Although different events did occur, all the events were somehow the same, just written differently. I can see the appeal to the series some might have, Jamie. Honestly, Jamie’s character was the only one I kind of enjoyed and that’s what kept me reading. It was very hard for me to finish Outlander, it took me one month to read. That’s way too long in my opinion. In my opinion, Outlander is way too hyped. I haven’t watched the T.V. show, but I’m sure they’ve added to the story to make it more engaging. As it stands now, the book drug on so much for me, that I can’t remember everything that happened.
The story would have been better for me if it didn’t seem so repetitive. It seemed like there was a lot of kidnapping and saving. I also think the characters needed some more developing.
I really did enjoy the romance between Jamie and Claire, even though Claire wasn’t my favorite. Their relationship seemed authentic and didn’t feel rushed by the author. There definitely wasn’t any “insta-love” in this book, which was really nice. The biggest appeal for me in Outlander was the stone circle and the time travel element. It brought a little fantasy into the story, and I love fantasy.
“Sometimes our best action result in things that are most regrettable.”
-Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

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