Sinful Cinderella by Anit Valle Review

We all know the Disney version of Cinderella and some know the original tale; however, in Sinful Cinderella we step into a new world. Cinderella is still raised by a “wicked” stepmother and has two rotten stepsisters, but in this twist Cinderella is really the evil one. The prince is still charming and the ball still a spectacle, but what dark secrets are held? Does Cinderella still get her happily ever after?
This retelling is different but it was pretty good. This was the first twisted fairy tale I’ve read, so if you all have suggestions send them to me. I was really drawn into the story solely based off of the title. How could anyone make Cinderella the bad guy? It was totally possible and Valle is a great job executing it. This is a great book if you’re looking for a really quick read in between books or just a “get out of a slump” book. It is really short at 150 pages. The bone of the story still follows the Cinderella everyone loves, but Cinderella is a dark, dark girl.
To begin, I was a little disappointed that is was only 150 pages. I feel like there could have been so much more added to the story. This book is part of a continuing series and so I think each book is just short. Personally, however, I would have liked to have seen a longer tale. Toward the end, it felt like the author was bored, done writing, and so she rushed the ending. I was left with questions! Although, I guess those questions might be answered with book two? I would have liked more with the stepsisters and I feel like the ball was missing something. I might pick up book two, but I didn’t find myself so invested that I’m rushing to purchase.
I really appreciated the different twist on Cinderella’s character. It also astounded me that even though she was treated so poorly, she was still positive. This Cinderella on the other hand constantly had gears turning in her head and was always thinking of something, and it wasn’t just how wonderful it would be to marry the prince. He goal wasn’t to fall in love with the prince and I really liked that. I also really like how the prince wasn’t just having the ball to find his one true love. It really was clever and I did enjoy the story as a whole.
“I look like a dark angel. A beautiful nightmare.” - Anita Valle, Sinful Cinderella

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