Put the Seat Down

Put the Seat Down

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Women don’t come with a handbook—if they did, you wouldn’t be able to pick it up.

Biblically based, immediately applicable, and succinct, this how-to guide for newlyweds could save a young man loads of trouble and set the tone for many years of happy marriage.

The concepts presented in the guy’s guide are what every father should teach his son, what every father-in-law wishes his son-in-law knew, and what every wife wishes her husband understood.

• Written in an entertaining-yet-to-the-point style, this guy’s guide combines humor with compelling common sense ideas supported by God’s Word

• The guide takes on ten tough topics—from security to finances, from communication to leadership—that young couples will deal with, especially in the first years of marriage

• Each chapter features relevant insights about marriage linked with key passages of Scripture

• Each chapter concludes with "The Smart Guy's Guide to Being Awesome"—practical takeaways for immediate use

• Each chapter is illustrated by a witty line art cartoon drawn by author Jess MacCallum