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T-Rex Trying

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From the author of the sleeper hit T-Rex Trying, a sweetly funny new collection of drawings of T-Rex and his family being stymied by the modern world—and their unfortunately short arms
Thousands of fans fell for Hugh Murphy’s first book, T-Rex Trying, which featured T-Rex trying and failing to do everyday tasks, from putting on a cardigan to jumping rope. In T-Rex Trying and Trying, the loveable lizard king is back . . . this time with his family, She-Rex and Wee-Rex. Featuring never-before-seen content and the best from the site, Murphy’s 120 drawings feature:
• T-Rex trying to take a selfie

• She-Rex trying to catch a bouquet at a


• T-Rex trying to change a diaper

• T-Rex trying to tell people he’s choking

• Wee-Rex trying to crawl

• T-Rex trying to measure his inseam

• and many, many more!

An adorable and hilarious book, this is the perfect gift for readers of all ages.